First Step Projects

First Step Projects was born in 2009 over a cup of coffee.. Founding Members were happy in their corporate lives but could feel something missing, to fill this Void FSP was formed with a vision to support, launch and do business/es which offer a niche, which fill a potential GAP….. Prelude Everything in our life starts with the first step. All great accomplishments, all achievements, all initiatives which have today become ‘milestones’ – were all started with someone gathering the courage to walk away from the ordinary, by doing something away from routine, by taking the first step… Why the name - ‘First Step’ The idea behind ‘First Step Projects’ is making such journeys across industries possible by daring to launch businesses which others discourage… Whether it’s our own initiative or someone else’s business Idea, ‘FSP’ will be known for taking pride in taking the very first step and offering unique solutions, esp in times when it is needed the the most.

  • F320, First Floor, Poonam Chambers, Lado Sarai, Old MB Road, , 110030
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